William Selesnick is a renown artist, cinematographer, author and world traveler who studied under the master's in Paris. He has had studios in New York City, New Hope, PA, Key West and Woodstock, NY.  After 7 years of completing his Key West Series, Billy has relocated his studio to Palm Beach, Florida. His eclectic art, including murals, oil paintings, pastels are displayed in homes, galleries and establishments around the world. His 40 years of work encompasses images created from his world travel to such places as Negril, Jamaica, Rio de Janeiro, France, Israel and Egypt. Selesnick  has had prestigious mural commissions to Trompe L'oeil Interiors. He  also wrote and directed a number of successful documentaries that have  been acquired by PBS. Wherever Billy has lived, he has  left a indelible mark on the community.